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Uploaded: 10.09.2011 21:42
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Jipa - Got it built. (...or actually willek did) Yours truly as size reference and just to show off my new Umbro-sweatpants. And how do

Got it built. (...or actually willek did) Yours truly as size reference and just to show off my new Umbro-sweatpants.

And how does it sound, I hear you ask? Well... Use your imagination. It's pretty loud.

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14.09.2011 00:12 JipaWould never have built one of these if I did.
13.09.2011 23:39 Blazaxhope u dont live in a block of flats :)
11.09.2011 22:02 dyyzcover it with leather/fake leather and make it a footstool?
11.09.2011 20:46 DJannereal then :D
11.09.2011 20:44 YarikoNo fake leather!
11.09.2011 20:41 DJannemaybe fake leather, not paint
11.09.2011 20:13 OzzkuuAny leds on it yet? It needs some paint
11.09.2011 20:03 JipaBecause some like it sideways, I like to think of it as using a sofa - the expert mode. And there's no way in hell I'm going to play any of that crap.
11.09.2011 17:03 dyyztry http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kh2FRFhS7QY with that :D + why is the sofa sideways :D?
11.09.2011 16:48 Reguyep and maybe people learns how to use winisd
11.09.2011 14:36 JipaSubs are much harder to fail than ghettoblasters... although the recipe is the same - use a car speaker where it doesn't belong :D
11.09.2011 13:47 ReguMy fortune telling ability tells me that we are going to see sooo many failed sub projects after this success :D
11.09.2011 10:56 JipaYou think that's the whole password? Guess again :)
11.09.2011 08:58 metalfusionNow we can leech your internet connection.
11.09.2011 02:17 JipaWe actually moved it around today, and I really don't want to do that again any time soon.
11.09.2011 01:57 willekNot a ton, but enough :P
11.09.2011 01:38 DJannewell i bet that mdf dosnt weight 964kg's... :D
11.09.2011 01:26 OzzkuuThat must weigh a ton :P Amp and cone only are combined 36kg
10.09.2011 23:45 j037:D
10.09.2011 23:39 JipaNah. Just imagine how it sounds on your system and add 20 dB to the 30 Hz zone.
10.09.2011 23:29 j037Jipa: buy me some train tickets from vaasa to tampere and back to vaasa then i can come and listen to it :D
10.09.2011 23:21 willekNot much to be seen since the driver faces the floor :D
10.09.2011 23:20 JipaDjanne: The cone is this one: http://www.thomann.de/fi/eighteensound_18lw1400.htm and the amplifier: http://www.thomann.de/fi/t-amp_ta2400.htm j037: what good does that make? Just come and listen it.
10.09.2011 23:16 j037Jipa make a video of it playing the song :D
10.09.2011 23:15 DJannewhere u get that big sub? :D i have couple smaller ones wich r meant to use in car, so have to got new one
10.09.2011 23:10 JipaAnd J037 special thanks to you for the link! Sounded absolutely superb.
10.09.2011 22:56 JipaLubricant? It took a couple of cases and a couple of litres to get this built.
10.09.2011 22:46 NoixXnice work! how much lubricant was spent ?
10.09.2011 22:32 drakminapproved again
10.09.2011 22:25 YarikoEPIC SHIT?! /// Edit: YES IT IS!
10.09.2011 22:19 j037http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dD40VXFkusw play that one and it will destroy your house :D
10.09.2011 22:06 JipaNah just Turmion Kätilöt - Tirehtööri and some more of my lovely one-star mate seen on the top of the damn thing ;)
10.09.2011 22:05 willekPrevenge shook the sofas real nice!
10.09.2011 21:58 Gammalfnono play "Kraddy- Android Porn" an tell us which is better :D
10.09.2011 21:53 s0lidI challenge you to play following track with that sub: Huoratron - Prevenge