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Uploaded: 02.09.2011 17:34
Categories: Audio

Jipa - New subwoofer project coming up :D For size comparison there's a very sturdy 6,5" bass driver on the left (similar to what

New subwoofer project coming up :D For size comparison there's a very sturdy 6,5" bass driver on the left (similar to what you might find inside good PC-speaker subwoofers).

Sometimes size DOES matter.

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03.06.2013 12:25 JjonNothing anymore...
02.06.2013 23:09 alfonsCan you link the dvdplaza thread here please?
07.09.2011 03:05 JipaYeah the thread over there has been a bit confusing for me as well, but overall the goal is to get the maximum kick at somewhere above 30 Hz, and this is exactly that this bass should do. 230 l @ 35 Hz should provide 123 dB from 30 Hz up.
07.09.2011 02:57 Reguhmm maybe understood wrongly your text from dvdplaza
07.09.2011 02:21 JipaIt was never intended for movies. Instead, 30-40 Hz should come out at 120+ dB, so it's ideal for music!
07.09.2011 00:16 Regu35hz tune for movies.. ouch! this baby needs some party music! :D
07.09.2011 00:03 JipaYeah I finally also bought an amp for that beast - t.amp TA2400 MK-X. 1200 W at 4 ohms should just a bout do it.
03.09.2011 09:25 EvengeWhen I saw the thumb pic I thought you had got a new driver for your Domo blaster. :D
02.09.2011 23:18 Jipaj037: house warming party coming up ;) dyyz: yeah barely... if you have no neighbors <3
02.09.2011 23:03 dyyzis that thing even legal for indoor use lol ?
02.09.2011 22:57 ReguIs that eighteen sound?
02.09.2011 22:55 willekwaiting for the t.amp..
02.09.2011 22:54 j037Jipa: i give my JBL about 700wrms and its happy with it. but i would like to hear your system in person :D
02.09.2011 22:45 JipaTrue that. I think I'm just going to build a sofa table out of this thing, so I can hide the 300 l volume somewhere.
02.09.2011 22:39 DJanneyea i know, but like that much space u gonna need :D
02.09.2011 22:24 JipaDjanne: no way in hell am I putting this in any car, I love it how it's going to shake the whole building to the ground.
02.09.2011 22:24 Jipaj037: yeah the differences are that yours is a car driver, 15", 93 dB/1w/1m and 300 W RMS, this is 98 dB/1W/1m and 1000 watts...
02.09.2011 22:16 DJannewell, u must seal ur cars trunk and put that in :D
02.09.2011 22:07 j037If my 15'' JBL GTO1502D can make my rooms door shake like hell, i wonder what your 18'' woofer will do :D
02.09.2011 21:54 JipaIt's 18", and the enclosure should be somewhere between 200-400 litres. The sensitivity is 98 dB/1W/1m, so there WILL be enough noise.
02.09.2011 21:48 Gammalfuhh ,nice PA driver .That means pressure ;)
02.09.2011 21:36 dyyzwtf is it 18" or 20" ? :O
02.09.2011 19:59 j037is that a 15'' or 18'' ?
02.09.2011 18:22 drakminApproved!
02.09.2011 17:57 YarikoUmm... You just made 6.5" driver look more like small tweeter... That is HUGE! O_O How big enclosure you need for that giant?