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Age: 31
Location: Tampere

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Uploaded: 21.12.2010 13:33
Categories: Room and Desk Shots | Furniture

Jipa - Something new.

Something new.

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22.12.2010 10:27 OzzkuuJust clean the area you want to show :D And it's a feature that the wheels dont roll without some weight on the chair, or atleast so it said on my chair's "manual", though these roll still without any weight on the chair :P
21.12.2010 21:41 JipaOr maybe it's just that I can crop my pictures ;) The mess is off-shot.
21.12.2010 20:25 dyyzclean and stuff, unlike mine lol
21.12.2010 18:56 JipaMörkö!
21.12.2010 18:47 JaverhWhat's that grey thing under your teekkari-hat?
21.12.2010 17:35 Blazaxfethry, I think thats belkin's nostromo gamingpad
21.12.2010 16:41 JipaHaven't noticed. I try not to roll around anyway as I'm afraid I'll roll over my cat. Also it might be a feature? So the chair doesn't slip away from under you when sitting or something...
21.12.2010 16:14 DJanneI got same chair, and my wheels wont roll if i just push the chair, I gotta sit down and then move it -.- ikea quality ftw
21.12.2010 14:59 JipaReview coming soon, shhh ;)
21.12.2010 14:11 FethryCool! What is that thing below the gray monitor? A Logitech's gaming keyboard (G13 or smthin'?)