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Uploaded: 24.08.2010 15:53
Categories: Handicrafts | Other Hobbies or sports | Home entertainment

Jipa - Didn't see that coming, huh?

Didn't see that coming, huh?

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04.10.2010 20:07 dyyzwhere i could get that kind of batteries? needs some for incoming speaker box
25.08.2010 18:36 JipaYariko: is "enough" accurate enough? :D I don't know, must check when I continue working on this. Glued some supports last night... This morning i had two beautiful left side panels. Le fu.
25.08.2010 18:25 BenaHJipa: I cracked. :D
25.08.2010 10:56 Yarikolol at those batteries :D 2x 10cell? what voltage and Ah?
25.08.2010 00:42 NiBanice batterys :)
24.08.2010 17:32 JipaOh boy I was just wondering if the finished blaster can be used as a cannon ball. It's going to be so excessively sturdy and heavy it's not even funny.
24.08.2010 16:23 nanoI guess I should pay more attention then :)
24.08.2010 16:11 willekthin? mine is made of 4mm veneer ;P
24.08.2010 16:06 nanowill that veneer hold? looks kinda thin compared to the other ghettoblasters