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Age: 32
Location: Tampere

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Uploaded: 23.07.2010 20:32
Categories: Full case

Jipa - Just another plan.. Or is it?

Just another plan.. Or is it?

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24.07.2010 17:09 nanoI like the design on the "front"
24.07.2010 17:07 JipaToo bad I can't cut anything straight, been filing away the whole day.
24.07.2010 15:45 JipaYea I thought about having space for a 240-sized rad (I still have the Swiftech kit around), but it's already too tall as-is.
24.07.2010 15:19 ZestiIīve been thinking about similar layout with watercooling.. Itīs just a real pita to fit everything inside and keep the case as low as possible.. :P
24.07.2010 15:12 JipaYea it's pretty much like FT02/Raven2, only much smaller.. I suppose :D
24.07.2010 15:11 ZestiSo which side is the bottom etc? Fortress/Raven-style layout?
23.07.2010 22:29 Jipayea I changed it all over for this design.. And then again all over when I actually started making it.
23.07.2010 22:00 willekMuhahah. I see you made some changes :D
23.07.2010 21:05 j037Cool
23.07.2010 20:45 YarikoVery nice, I like.