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Uploaded: 10.12.2007 20:11
Categories: Monitor

Jipa - New monitor, LG L245WP-BN, 24", 1920x1200, pivot, more than 2 colours (non-TN).

New monitor, LG L245WP-BN, 24", 1920x1200, pivot, more than 2 colours (non-TN).

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29.06.2010 15:42 JipaThe screen suddenly broke today. Lets see how the warranty works :(
03.10.2008 21:37 Tissuntassunjeah :)
26.04.2008 20:49 worderrorthanks :)
22.03.2008 22:59 ToymachineI bought that cpu four years ago :P it was good by then :P
05.03.2008 18:50 JipaDepends on from what direction you're looking at them.
05.03.2008 17:24 two colours are white and gray? ;)
05.03.2008 17:12 JipaYes. "More than two colours" meaning that the cheap 24"/22" screens are capable of reproducing two colours. This isn't one of those.
05.03.2008 15:52 MasseP-MVA
05.03.2008 15:06 alfonswhat panel type is it then?
05.03.2008 15:06 alfons"more than 2 colours"?? i dont get it... typo perhaps?
15.02.2008 18:07 laurilr:/ You could have bought my E6850 a couple of days ago.
11.02.2008 22:54 laurilrEarlier i told u that my computer freezes when OC my E6850 but today I set 370MHz FSB and raised it with 5MHz each time. Finally i managed to go to Windows with 4006MHz (after that i got bored).
11.02.2008 22:53 laurilrNo, I bought it from murobbs (this cpu should be as good as new) And it is used just two weeks. He managed to run it 4,4GHz with air cooling. @ Xtremesystem someone managed to run E8400 (with same batch than im gonna have) 4900MHz with water cooling :D It costs about 200 in Los Oy? Did they tell u when u r going to get ur CPU? And this my E6850 is overclocking (i tought it wouldnt).
07.02.2008 11:50 laurilrThis is just easier mobo for me :D I just can oveclock my cpu anymore :o 3800MHz is too much, computer freezes.. Same thing with gigabyte... wtf
29.01.2008 11:37 laurilrHah, you cant even imagine how difficult it is to find Sennheiser HD 555 from Rovaniemi :D I visited in Tekniset, Expert, Los OY, Gamestop, Gigantti, Veikon kone, Musiikkimestarit and Prisma.. Like they never heard about Sennheiser :( Finally I visited in Toimistotekniikka and they offered to order those headphones... 100 :D I really think here should be some real ATK-store :D
24.01.2008 21:51 laurilrI sold my old 8800 GT for friend (240). Then i started to think... "I dont have GPU anymore" so i searched for a new 8800 GT and found it, 225e including shipping from huuto.net :) It is pretty expensive but I got 15 for free and "better" 8800 GT :D
18.01.2008 16:16 laurilrYea, from now on... muahahah
18.01.2008 14:46 laurilrOh yea, Rikhardo told me once that u live near Arktikum ^^ (When he bought CPU-cooler etc.)
17.12.2007 22:22 laurilrJipa where did u buy this from? "From a local store" and that "local" is Rovaniemi ;O
11.12.2007 17:20 JipaYeah I tried CoD4 yesterday and it was awesome. I just need a better GFX card now.
11.12.2007 17:18 potkisStepmania ;)
11.12.2007 17:17 tOukoooAre you try play some fps games with that?
11.12.2007 17:11 JipaFrom a local store. Had a nice price and it's 100 meters from home. And I noticed yesterday that the blue led on the monitor can be turned off from the OSD! Awesome! And it's not too bright to begin with... Unlike the one on the amp.
11.12.2007 14:06 JohnEdwardBllluueeee leeeddsss.... eeeeyyyeesss.... Where did you get this from ?
11.12.2007 09:59 JipaMaybe, looks like I'm not getting any presents :<
11.12.2007 09:17 drakminYou should have saved opening the box for the 24th. :DDDD
10.12.2007 23:00 JipaYeah I tried that with Metkuforums and everything from banner to "Color appliques" or something fit at once :)
10.12.2007 22:32 MasseThere fits lots of lines in IRC when that is flipped like in picture :D
10.12.2007 22:15 Jipa650
10.12.2007 22:05 WiltsuHow much this cost?
10.12.2007 21:03 JipaJust flip it 90 degrees and it's more than good for playing.
10.12.2007 20:54 vikiLol, with that is impossible to play games :D Thats like a stick :D
10.12.2007 20:26 akeeh8)
10.12.2007 20:19 s0lidBenderrrr :D
10.12.2007 20:12 JipaNext job would be to find a new background image :)