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Title: Blaster 3
Created: 10.04.2011 16:54
It's that time of the year again.
Close call but got it finished in time... Kinda. Need to re-do some things, but atleast it worked :)

Special thanks to willek for putting it all together the night before vappu.
Close call but got i...
Woodwork almost finished. What a relief, and still a week to go...

...that said, the battery still hasn't arrived, both Visaton cones are broken and there's still a couple of impossible parts left to fabricate. 

Business as usual, I suppose.
Woodwork almost fini...
Lovely weather to work on the balcony. 

Also it turns out the Dremel Trio is really good for such small projects and thin plywood.
Lovely weather to wo...
Parts for the third and final(?) blaster..
Parts for the third ...