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Title: the OMG case
Created: 03.08.2010 12:42
The \"OMG Jipa is doing something\"-case.

Keywords: World wonder, ultimate case, excellent design,
here's how it looked after assembly.
here's how it looked...
Peeled off the plastics from the aluminum sheets and started sanding/polishing the corner profiles. Pretty likely I'll end up painting them, but lets see.
Peeled off the plast...
Something new.
Something new....
PSU-mount ready and motherboard kinda in place. Not bad as I haven't had much time to work on this damn thing.
PSU-mount ready and ...
Coming along nicely.
Coming along nicely....
So far so good. Couldn't work on this on weekend, but now I'm back at it and it's almost ready ;)
So far so good. Coul...
So many ghetto blasters I figured it was about time for someone to actually make a computer case.

Chaotic builder is chaotic.
So many ghetto blast...
Just another plan.. Or is it?
Just another plan.. ...