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Age: 36
Location: Turku

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Uploaded: 03.05.2009 21:21
Categories: Photography Gear

jaeae - See the "Camera accessories" project.

See the "Camera accessories" project.

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04.05.2009 17:06 TekaritIt would be cool. Camera could fly like 5 meters:D
04.05.2009 16:41 BenaHWell... It would be painful to fire a rifle disguised as an ordinary camera. :/ Think the kick when you would fire it.
04.05.2009 12:12 TekaritIf that would be a scope, I would think that you have hidden a rifle inside camera :D
03.05.2009 23:46 jaeae:D Didn't think of that, but now when you said that, it looks like a scope..
03.05.2009 22:43 TekaritThe picture in the front page looked like you was attached a scope (similar like in snipers) to your camera.