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Uploaded: 26.11.2006 18:00
Categories: Single case mods | Cooling | Home entertainment

jaeae - Airflow


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27.11.2006 23:51 Yoshii think you should get one 120mm fan on the front of the case and one 120mm on the PSU like mine.. or is there already 120mm fan on PSU ?
27.11.2006 23:50 Yoshilooks quite good and interesting... but will it work :P .... CPU Cooler aint too small in this case ;)
27.11.2006 15:37 klrpStock psu fans are not for that.
26.11.2006 20:06 jaeaeThe psu fan doesn't have much flow (running at minimum speed all the time) --> mainly all cooling is done with the top fan
26.11.2006 20:04 jaeaeI just finished the project page, there's explanation for this :) Two fans only; that psu one and the 120mm fan attached on top of the case.
26.11.2006 19:36 JapalaHmm... seems interesting... will that psu fan be the only fan on the system or will you be adding a second one on top of that cooler?