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Uploaded: 11.02.2008 09:13
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Circusact - Here you see the motherboard, video cards, ram, cpu cooler and power supply.

You can also see the mesh for the internal intak

Here you see the motherboard, video cards, ram, cpu cooler and power supply.

You can also see the mesh for the internal intake fan.

Cable management in this case is a BIOTCH without long cables. An extender can be used to rout the 4 pin 12 volt behind the mobo tray if it isn't long enough. Mine was about 3cm short of being able to do this. So i ran the cable underneath the fairly large gap in front of the PCI slots above the motherboard to reach the 4pin 12volt.

Asus design of the A8N-SLI Premium is flawless except when it comes to the 4pin 12volt[should have been an 8pin 24volt] and the easy-plug to give more power to mobo for the second video card.

I say that there should have been an 8pin 24volt because that would have eliminated the need for the easy-plug all together.

What you see:
Zalman 9500 CU on top of an AMD Opteron 170 @ 2.7ghz [270x10 w/ 4xHTT] [34C idle / 48C load]
4GB Patriot EL LLK DDR-400 @ DDR-450 w/ 2.5-3-2-5 timings
Asus A8N-SLI Premium
2x 7800GT-OC @ 510/1100 w/ Zalman VF-700 CU
Creative SB A2 ZS
Antec NeoPwer 650 HE [80+]

And that lone 160GB 7200rpm IDE hiding in the HDD cooling area.

I have moved that molex line under the front of the pci cards as I did with the 4pin 12volt. Looks much cleaner now without that cable in sight.

Since this pic the slave 7800gt became a sparkler. I have replaced it with a 7950gt and will be replacing the still working 7800gt with a second 7950gt.

I have also tracked down my instability issues to the A2ZS and it is now out of the machine and sold. I now have room for a PCI video card for the 2nd LCD and 3rd later, while still having SLI. :woot:

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18.03.2008 21:22 Toymachineheheh :P But my 3dm06 CPU score sucks hard :( 1150points
16.03.2008 20:11 CircusactI have them @ 620/1600
16.03.2008 15:13 ToymachineWhat are the clocks of ur new 7950gt?
15.03.2008 00:12 CircusactOh, and no more A2ZS in there either. It was the cause of all the SLI crashes and feckups.
15.03.2008 00:11 CircusactA little difference. The new cardsa re blue PCB [Grrr] and are about an inch shorter. Also the top card has a vf-900 that needs new thermals. Both cards need ramsinks as well.
14.03.2008 22:25 ToymachineOk :P Will u take new pics or is there any difference?
14.03.2008 19:48 CircusactYa. and I screwed up when I said 11k in 3dm06, it was 3dm05... anyway. I rebenched in 3dm06 and got 4500 sm2 / 4640 sm3 / 2089 cpu. Not the best, Its my RAM that giveing a low score. I have it set to 333 to get a stable OC on the RAM. And Im using an odd multy on the CPU [9.5x270 atm]
14.03.2008 15:35 ToymachineDid u get 7950gt yet?
12.03.2008 08:51 Circusactok, so I am getting my new 7950gt thursday or friday. Ill also try to get same angle with new cards. Only thing is that the bottom card will have a vf-700 and the top a vf-900 ;( . But You will see that the Easyplug cable has been hidden
10.03.2008 07:29 CircusactBefore the bottom 78gt died I was hitting 11k in 3dm06. Cant remember the other scores. I replaced the other 78gt with a 7950gt and may be lined up for a second for SLI again. I will re-bench when I find out if its mine or not.
08.03.2008 21:04 ToymachineWhat score do u get from 3dmark06 CPU test? and total score?
14.02.2008 09:54 CircusactYou know... Ive been looking at the way the MB tray mounts to the case.... seems to me the case is pretty simmetrical. If I were to flip the tray mounting to BTX style, all I'd have to do is drill 4 holes for screws and flip the tray mount to the other side of the case and have BTX.
13.02.2008 16:02 YoshiBeing an hardware enthusiast really eats up money... But hey, it is a commodity to be used :)
11.02.2008 22:22 naake1looks very nice
11.02.2008 19:08 CircusactI am using SLI.... Im just using the aperature that is built into the mobo. For somereason the board didn't come with a bridge... and I just recently got the second card.
11.02.2008 17:58 Jipabecause he's planning to get third monitor.
11.02.2008 17:45 kazooAren't they in sli? I have same mobo, btw.. I think thats a good mobo.
11.02.2008 17:37 s0lidUm why ur not using those cards in sli? I can't see any sli bridges
11.02.2008 16:50 vikiYey ! Atleast something new to here ^^
11.02.2008 15:04 JipaZalman showcase :)