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Title: Desk Shots
Created: 08.03.2008 01:56
Random pics of my computing environment.
Old pic from before the move.
Old pic from before ...
This is the same desk and chair as in my other desk shot, but with the arm on the opposite side. I've moved recently, thats why the different room.

Center LCD is held using an lcd arm attached to the desk hidden behind the left LCD. I also plan a third LCD on the right for a desktop area equal to 4320x900.

Also shows Logitech Z-5500 Digital 5.1. Surround speakers are IN the chair. I'll get pics soon showing that.
This is the same des...
This is my basic setup in my lounge. What you are looking at is a simple desk bought from walmart, a pair of Acer 19inch Widescreen TFT monitors with casing removed, a MSFT Wireless Laser 6000 Mouse, Saitek Executive backlit Keyboard,  as well as part of my 5.1 audio package from Logitech. 

I know the image is of poor quality due to my only having my razr to photograph with at the moment.
This is my basic set...