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Title: OS/Desktop
Created: 14.10.2006 01:51
Screens from various desktops, apps, and other softwares.
3DM06 - 9300

Image COLOUR INVERTED because green on white is hard on the eyes.... o.O

CPU: AMD Opteron 170 @ 2.64 [278x9.5] 1.5v
RAM: 4GB Patriot DDR-400 @ 440 [3-3-3-6 CR2] @ 2.8v
GPU: 2x BFG 7950GT-OC [1.45vcore]
Core: 610
Mem: 810 [1620 effective]

OS: Win XP64 SP1 [Error updating to SP2]
3DM06 - 9300...
Despite what some may say. THIS IS WINDOWS. I am using a port of fluxbox, [linux desktop environment], called xoblite. My OS is WinXP PRO x64 and have no problems with it whatsoever. [Besides the occasional crash, but thats windoze for ya.] All being what it is, it is not bad.

full size is 2880x900

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Despite what some ma...