Nick: willek  Info
Age: 39
Location: Tampere



Uploaded: 02.11.2011 17:00
Categories: Audio

willek - Some tubes and a shiny driver

Some tubes and a shiny driver

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03.02.2013 19:39 willekYeah well, still have to byu an amplifier and the driver :)
03.02.2013 19:25 alfonsWell its always good to have few unnecessary extra subs.. right?
03.02.2013 17:29 willekNah, Not ready yet.. The tube is designed for a 12" Peerless XLS but since it is closed design, other drivers would do too. Just no motivation to build since I don't currently need a new subwoofer..
03.02.2013 16:18 alfonsIs this ready? What's the driver?
05.11.2011 09:31 JjonThanks Regu. Because this kind of subwoofer would fit my set :)
04.11.2011 21:50 ReguJjon keep looking :D there is so many tube enclosures made. Try googling sonotube + subwoofer
04.11.2011 20:40 willekOff my head as usual :)
04.11.2011 19:01 JjonDid u find instructions for this or did u just pull then off your head? Because I have seen only square subwoofer instructions.