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Title: New fileserver case
Created: 13.03.2014 20:51

Places for 3 hdd:s. Kontron mini-Itx mobo in the middle. DC stepdown psu and 2,5 boot disk below. Photo is old, boot disk has since been replaced with ssd.
Places for 3 hdd:s. ...
Painted and ready
Painted and ready...
Motherboard connectors and a wirechannel for cabling
Motherboard connecto...
The inside is lined withh aluminum foil and aluminum tape for rfi protection. 
Itx-mobo sits in the middle, there are slots for 3 full sized HDD:s and a 2,5" system disk.
The inside is lined ...
The middle part is brushed stainless steel, but I'm going to paint it black since it will look better with the wood.
The middle part is b...
So here is the new server case. The foot and some other parts still need painting.
So here is the new s...
Render of my new fileserver casing model. Casing is already almost complete, I just never remember to take photos of the workphase..
Render of my new fil...