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Title: RC stuff
Created: 11.08.2012 04:20

A new addition to my fleet, the Vitality H36 quadcopter, with a HCW 553 canopy.
Also I added some 0805 LEDs to help with orientation.

This thing is amazing! Compared to the v929, this is of course half the size, but way more stable AND also many times faster. When the v929 just couldn't handle the lightest of breeze, this thing just keeps fighting, and the top speed is ridiculous. This can also be a bad thing, as it can pick up quite a lot of speed quickly when flying inside. Luckily, the HCW 553 canopy protects both the quad and the objects (mostly me) it hits.

Motor to Motor length is 13.5cm, width with the canopy is 16.5cm. Weight is around 45 grams with a 300mAh battery.

And yes. The stock canopy does indeed have "Adorable Hooha!!" printed on it. Top China design.
A new addition to my...
Close up of the connection board I made.
I used two strands from a black ASUS IDE cable, perfect width for the carbon booms.

I'll probably make a new board when I get my 808 camera and need to make a mount for it, going to ditch the connectors and make the wires closer to their needed length, routing them from the top.
If I ever want to fly without the lights I can just disconnect the whole board, and that way the weight will be just a few grams.
Also going to get some smaller resistors, these half-watt monsters are overkill.

Canopy has takes some hits, should make a new one.
It just takes ages to cut, fold and glue.
Close up of the conn...
5mm LEDs for navigation and the 'cockpit', and a 3mm in the straw.

Looks amazing, and instead of trying to remember which way around you were, and should you stop the quad hitting that tree with the stick to the left or right, it is simply "red is left, green is right" :)
5mm LEDs for navigat...
My newest gear arrived from china; WLToys v929 quadcopter!
Amazing little quad, clone of Blade mQX, for around 40eur.
The controller it comes with is a joke, but luckily this binds with the Turnigy 9Xv2, or the FlySky FS-TM002 module.

Modifications so far: Zip tie landing gear, two papercraft canopies and straw tail.
Going to see where I'll add some lights next.

Next on the list, buying an 808 camera for this little thing.
My newest gear arriv...