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The result you get from combining a Rotring 600 mechanical pencil, the best mechanical pencil in the world, with a tiny stylus ? The best stylus in the world.

It becomes a slightly worse as a pencil though unless you modify the original cap; without it there is a tiny gap at the top, so the insides either wobble a little, or you have to add a bit of tape which makes it sticky when advancing the lead. I just stuck the stylus in place of the eraser so the whole thing is completely reversible while I wait for my sacrificial replacement caps to arrive.

I also use the end of my pencil to poke my calculator buttons, the stylus makes it less prone to sliding off the buttons and much less annoying for everyone else around :P

Abusing the stylus will eventually break it, but as the cost for one is around 35 cents it really doesn't matter.
The result you get f...
Found a Logitech G15 from Kierrätyskeskus for 3 euros, it had an US layout and defective key backlighting, but the LCD backlight was much, much brighter than my old G15.

As the LCD is the only reason I have been keeping my G15 and haven't gotten a better keyboard, I decided to try my luck. After a few hours of cutting and grinding, I now have a nice LCD that fits the hole on my monitor stand. The LCD is running LCDhost with my own layout, and would work even without the logitech gaming crapware.

There quite a few tradeoffs with this mod though:
The slider on the right doesn't do anything, as it toggles the windows key on a hardware level. Mute and brightness buttons on the right don't work either, as they were part of the keyboard matrix. I could trace the matrix and add switches, but as I never use the buttons, I can't be bothered. Cutting them off isn't an option, as the PCB is too wide and goes under them. There is no backlighting for the media buttons, both because the LED mounts were at the front of the keyboard and were cut off, and because the original LEDs were defective. Adding my own wouldn't be too hard as the volume scroller required me to keep the part of the diffuser layer under the buttons, but I didn't feel like soldering.

Here is another way to tackle this same thing, just using the LCD and bare PCB - http://home.comcast.net/~davemats/lcd_panel.html
Found a Logitech G15...
Take a large matchbox, stick some magnets in it, cut some holes and roll the extra cable inside. Wham, cable mess dealt with in 5 minutes.
Take a large matchbo...
Cleaning and building my workbench.
Still lacking on the equipment, but I have all the essentials for now, like a soldering iron, multimeter, laptop, good light, LiPo charger and most importantly, a dwarf hamster.
Cleaning and buildin...
My kitchen > your kitchen.
Or well, this is the tiny 'kitchen' in my room, as I live with my grandfather.
Mostly used for making tea, and roasting bacon in the middle of the night.
My kitchen > your...
Bought a bike computer from Ebay, and found out it had absolutely horrible backlight.

So I cracked it open and found out that while the PCB had pads for two 3mm leds, only one was used, and it had a tiny board with an SMD led on it.
The plastic piece behind the screen had notches for 3mm leds, but they weren't actually cut out.
Cut the hole, added a white 3mm led and soldered a resistor.

I didn't actually remove the old led.
It's that very, very faint blue glowy dot on the right edge.
Yeah, I said it was crappy :P
Bought a bike comput...
Cyanogenmod 7, Go LauncherEX and a big bunch of wídgets.
This is what happens when your 'workshop' is a synonym to your terrace, and it just so happens Finland has some days that aren't warm and sunny and just generally nice.
Oh well, at least I don't need a vacuum to clean the mess :P

Also, that Black&Decker foldable workbench is the best thing ever.
This is what happens...
A component pet for a friend.
Her name is Rex~Desu.
A component pet for ...