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i like that : D
i like that : D...
inside information :>
inside information :...
light's : D picture lies colors
light's : D picture ...
Phone camera <3 ;D
Phone camera <3 ;...
Okey. i cant do better for wires ;< Final :D
Okey. i cant do bett...
Mini fridge :)
Mini fridge :)...
New desk, i did make it :D to make it did take about 4 hours :D simple (: hi h check mini fridge :p
New desk, i did make...
Sorry quality (phone Nokia 5800 musicexpress) :D motherboard P6T deluxe v2, CPU core i7 920 oc to 3,7 Gbz, Ram 12 Gb 1333 mhz, (c) SDD 80 gb , 1Tb + 1tb, two GTX 285 1GB :) SLI                  DEFAULT wires :D
Sorry quality (phone...
3D mark vantage ;)
3D mark vantage ;)...