Nick: Zarkuss  Info
Age: 34
Location: Pori



Uploaded: 26.02.2009 01:07
Categories: Monitor | Room and Desk Shots

Zarkuss - 3x Asus VW195S ( 1440x900)

3x Asus VW195S ( 1440x900)

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28.02.2009 22:32 NiBaThat is sick :D
26.02.2009 23:26 ZarkussAdded pictures from crysis look for album details for link :)
26.02.2009 21:12 Voryonlol :D "wippies wireless hippies"
26.02.2009 16:46 Zarkussmofupo, that aint my wallpaper :) Of course i can run games with 3 monitors :) The games that i'v been playing so far are running good with high settings :) Tryining Crysis tonight so we shall see whats happening
26.02.2009 16:30 mofupoDo you run games allover the monitors or is this just your wallpaper?
26.02.2009 15:58 BroidiXA bit overclocking and that's it, you don't need new CPU :P
26.02.2009 15:37 JiikaxLooks so fantastic <3 Multiple screens <3
26.02.2009 15:37 DJanneI'm collecting money to Samsung NC10, so I can't :D
26.02.2009 15:30 YarikoMaybe you should give money for him so he can buy one ;) I don't see why he should buy new CPU, I'm still running on single core and works all fine, newer games are bit stiff but games like L4D works fine :)
26.02.2009 15:19 DJanneYou should buy new CPU. Like Q9550 or something.
26.02.2009 15:05 ZarkussSpecs are: Inter E6750, HD4870 X2, 4gb ram and 320gig HD + 1,08Tb external storage :)
26.02.2009 07:15 DJannePC specs? :D
26.02.2009 01:26 HaoKiLooks nice... :)