Nick: Zarkuss  Info
Age: 34
Location: Pori



Uploaded: 26.02.2009 01:06
Categories: Monitor | Room and Desk Shots

Zarkuss - 3x Asus VW195S ( 1440x900)

3x Asus VW195S ( 1440x900)

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20.05.2009 14:32 ZarkussActually i thinked that too, but now they dont bother me anymore at all. Its not hard to use em, its hard to use computer without them. You can keep so many windows open at same time. Normaly i have some random video clip running on 1st screen, second has irc and firefox and third has also firefox or msn...
20.05.2009 14:28 BenaHIs it hard to use three screens? I would go nuts with that the screens have 2 cm gap between the display panels
27.02.2009 14:37 HaoKiYea... If i remember correctly AMD cards don't supports resolutions that are this high... or something :)
27.02.2009 10:17 ZarkussHaoKi that is because my ATi cant use native resolution correctly. Thats why im also chancing to nVidia.
27.02.2009 01:03 HaoKiSeems like some of the games get distorted pretty badly on the edges of the side screens... or is it just me...:P
26.02.2009 12:08 EeroOnly thing you need anymore is 3D glasses and you have new kind of experience! :D
26.02.2009 11:17 ZarkussHaoKi, that's correct :) Btw if you want see some game screenshots and other pics from set please look from: http://pwned.pp.fi/images/album/Matrox/
26.02.2009 09:51 HaoKiI think he mentioned that he has a h4870X2... Because he uses the triplehead for these three, the graphics card thinks this is just one big screen. When he adds the second one he's only using two outputs from the card. If I've understood correctly that is :)
26.02.2009 07:42 LazerL4D <3 What graphic gard you have if you can control 4 screens?
26.02.2009 03:20 ZarkussForget to say that there is one 22" tft comming too, im making shelf for it above my trio screens :)
26.02.2009 01:12 pertti85NICE