Nick: Zarkuss  Info
Age: 34
Location: Pori



Uploaded: 04.12.2008 05:05
Categories: Other Computer Components | Room and Desk Shots

Zarkuss - Fourth pic of table.

Fourth pic of table.

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02.01.2009 05:47 groudon185pVery nice, I love it! just repeat it a few times and you can have a great setup for a lan.
24.12.2008 02:38 HebitaksHardcore datastation xD
04.12.2008 21:06 ZarkussI just putted those cases there. I planned first that i built case stand for behind monitors to easy accsess for it. But i just din't for some odd reason to do that.
04.12.2008 13:51 HaoKiI'd actually rethink the case-stands and Like Errtu suggested, thick plywood might be a good material for some of the desk. The thick beams and the structure make it look at bit crude.
04.12.2008 13:23 ZarkussColour of the wood is too dark also and those beams are too big. You can easily use smaller one. HaoKi gotted the point, i was planning to do smaller desks just for easy cleaning ^^
04.12.2008 12:05 HaoKiLooks like something from the middleages :S Scary... The desks do look a little bit too small. Or this might actually be the solution to having a clean desk...;) Nothing extra fits on it.
04.12.2008 11:12 ErrtuI think cross beams are too heavy. Are you going to use 2x4"? I would use boards like 0.5x4" and one on each side of vertical beam. Don't do straingt cuts in cross beams. Cut them in line with vertical and horizontal beams. Make bigger tables too, 'cos there is never enough table space. Anyways.. very nice very nice. I like cup holdes much.