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Uploaded: 23.09.2008 18:06
Categories: Full case | Other Computer Components

Hene987 - So here it is! Q6600 G0MSI P45 Neo-F4Gb Corsair XMS2 800MHz DDR2Club 3D HD4850WD AAKS 640GtAntec Sonata 3 with EA-500Old Lite-On

So here it is!

Q6600 G0
MSI P45 Neo-F
4Gb Corsair XMS2 800MHz DDR2
Club 3D HD4850
Antec Sonata 3 with EA-500
Old Lite-On Burning CD/DVD
Two 31cm blue coldcathodes
Home Premium 64-bit

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07.03.2009 22:49 PenttipatenttiOMG what an wire MESSsSSSsssSS
07.03.2009 18:55 Hene987Oh, thank you. I will drop by there when I can. :)
07.03.2009 18:51 willekfrom etra for example. There is one in jns too.
10.11.2008 20:58 ProbablyI took power for those LEDs from the ps/2 connector
25.09.2008 00:12 pete21well i have 10 hard drives all with coolers on and it makes nodiffrence to cooling on my results and i have good air intake in my case.all it dos is chuck oads of dust underneth the hardDrives !:( looks cool tho ;) lol
24.09.2008 23:01 heneggaterrible wire mess :D
24.09.2008 22:47 Hene987Nobody haven't said "Wire mess :S" yet. :o
24.09.2008 12:16 HaoKiWell I was able to fit the 120mm fan infront of the gpu, but it was pretty tight...
24.09.2008 11:30 laurilrJust add a 80mm under the HDD. Not the best solution but Sonata isn't the best case when you want a great cooling :|
24.09.2008 08:54 HaoKiThe sonatas front door is pretty air tight so I really wouldn't be sure if it's gonna work here...:)
24.09.2008 00:06 pete21get a hardDrive cooler they have a fan built in and there cheap ! pocket money change cheap lol
23.09.2008 21:23 HaoKiThe 120mm may be a tight fit because of the power connection on the 4850... but I'd try it out anyways...:)
23.09.2008 18:51 YoshiNo idea, but it has already place for 120mm fan.
23.09.2008 18:09 Hene987I havent test it yet. Just installed Vista and now it's formating hard drive. Maybe OC Q6600 at ~3.0-3.2GHz. Any ideas how I can put 80mm fan to cool the HDD?