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Uploaded: 09.08.2008 23:38
Categories: Full case

Hene987 - My computer. I dont see any dust in the case...

Intel Celeron A4 2GHz
Some Gigabyte motherboard
256Mt RAM
Integrated craph

My computer. I dont see any dust in the case...

Intel Celeron A4 2GHz
Some Gigabyte motherboard
256Mt RAM
Integrated craphics card
40Gt HDD

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11.02.2009 19:48 Hene987What I do for this? Server, but what server? OS will probably be Linux or XP. It's 6-5 for Linux. I have 5dl 2ul internet connection. And then some modding. 8)
22.09.2008 16:38 pAbnSpecs? :)
22.09.2008 16:27 Hene987Now I got it!! I put pictures when I have assembled it and have time. ;)
21.09.2008 18:07 Hene987"ASRock's CPU voltage adjustments are low, med, high :D" "What?! That's pretty stupid. :D But my Gigabyte doesn't have even that. :p"
21.09.2008 17:56 qwertystubid*
21.09.2008 17:55 qwertywhat is stubeid
20.09.2008 19:58 TissuntassunFour! Laptop on the table :) I have much more but they are not in use :)
20.09.2008 13:45 Tissuntassunsorry about that :p but I'm not the only one who have the car player in the computer front panel I think :)
09.09.2008 17:41 DJanneThat would be cool...
08.09.2008 19:03 OzzkuuDustmagnet :D
08.09.2008 17:48 Hene987I don't have money for that... My budget is already over the limit... :p
08.09.2008 17:45 DJanneHene, buy HD 4870.
08.09.2008 17:44 Hene987Not yet. :/ I have waited two weeks that they get HD4850 in stock... Still nothing.
08.09.2008 16:17 Penttipatenttiu get new yet ?
16.08.2008 11:29 Penttipatenttiokay
16.08.2008 11:06 Hene987Penttipatentti: Umm. I wait, that my father pays me his reps, when I worked for him. He said, that I get the money today. I could order the computer today. So have to hope, that it will be here at the end of the month. Delivery time is one week, but hardwareversand doesn't have all components in stock yet. :/
15.08.2008 22:23 DJanneYeah, thats is a surfin' machine only.
15.08.2008 22:16 Penttipatenttiwhen you get new computer?
10.08.2008 19:47 Hene987I just found two sata connectors on the motherboard. :o I was totally WTF?! :DD I didn't know that sata is that old...
10.08.2008 12:55 Penttipatenttiok :D thats pretty good computer what you get
10.08.2008 12:44 Hene987Q6600, MSI P45, 4Gt RAM, HD 4850, WD 640Gt, Sonata 3, 64-bit Vista :) I think it runs Super Mario too...
10.08.2008 12:27 Heikki63what kind of computer you will get?? Do you know any specs of it??
10.08.2008 04:22 Tubelinusooh, someone has a PC even worse than mine :D you've got a better cpu though.
10.08.2008 00:22 pertti85super computer..:D
10.08.2008 00:00 Penttipatentti:D okay
09.08.2008 23:57 Hene987Actually, I sometimes play super mario. :D But I get new computer at the end of the month. It will be a lot better than this...
09.08.2008 23:43 Penttipatenttido you play even super mario bross with that
09.08.2008 23:42 Penttipatenttidont say that this is your computer :o