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Age: 25
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Specialized for computer specs.

Title: Cars
Created: 30.05.2012 15:48

Newest car, bought it yesterday. Its time for some fixing and modding ;)
Newest car, bought i...

Title: Server
Created: 08.12.2011 15:53

Green button is power switch. Power cable goes to original psu place.
Green button is powe...
Server ready.

ShuttleX SN41G case
Intel D201GLY2 with 1GB DDR2
Two 80GB 2,5" HDD's

Noctua 80mm and random 80mm fans at 5V.
Server ready....

Title: Antec P190
Created: 08.01.2009 14:48
Big case, little mods.
Coming more :)
Antec Kuhler 920 and two GT 800rpm here
Antec Kuhler 920 and...
Couple led's down there :D

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUYUaJmilSI
Couple led's down th...
Cathodes inside the case now.
There is no plexy yet, maybe at this, or next week.
Cathodes inside the ...
Backpanel (added light to picture)
Backpanel (added lig...
Painted Antec P190. 
I hate that wiremess :D
Painted Antec P190. ...
And it's ready :D
As you can see, my sidepanel's 200mm fan don't fit any more, CPU cooler is too high :D
And it's ready :D...
Clean case :)
Tomorrow I will paint it mat black.
Clean case :)...
New coolers added.

-CPU: 32c
-GPU: 45c

-CPU: 45c
-GPU: 58c

CPU runs at 3Ghz. GPU stock.
New coolers added....

Title: Misc.
Created: 02.08.2008 09:37


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Made this molex -> 8x3pin what is fast and easy.
5volts from molex to all connectors, so fans are quiet :)
Made this molex ->...
Desk nowadays
Desk nowadays...
Jipa, this is for you.
Jipa, this is for yo...
Its nice how easily 2500k overclocks..
I know it can go much further but hey, this is enough for me, atleast for now :D
Its nice how easily ...
My X360 now, just Antec Tricool shit.
My X360 now, just An...
Moving all data to new hdd's.

Tomorrow new hardware to case, 2500K and so on..

Crappy quality, thanks to 200kb and 1600* limits...
Moving all data to n...
HTC Desire with some inside modding
HTC Desire with some...
3x Scythe Gentle Typhoon 800rpm
2x WD AV-GP Green 2TB

Something for coming build...
3x Scythe Gentle Typ...
New HD 6950 2GB with old Musashi and old Hd 4870 512MB without cooler :D
New HD 6950 2GB with...
Prodige Slim Revolution
Something cheap this time, 20€.
Prodige Slim Revolut...
Best value hdd? 
1TB 7200. @ 55€
Best value hdd? ...
USB powered fan.
USB powered fan....
Now I got RAM keychain too :)
Now I got RAM keycha...
Clean CPU. :)
Clean CPU. :)...