Nick: DJanne  Info
Age: 26
Location: Nurmijärvi



Uploaded: 30.05.2012 15:51

DJanne - Newest car, bought it yesterday. Its time for some fixing and modding ;)

Newest car, bought it yesterday. Its time for some fixing and modding ;)

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05.06.2012 19:21 DJanneIf I just had that much money to waste in this car.. :D i've looking something like 200€ wheels. And low, yes, it will be ;)
04.06.2012 22:36 BuilderiAND make it low!
04.06.2012 22:35 Builderihttp://www.vannehaku.fi/32387/blest-bahnsport-18-alumiinivanteet-225-40-kesarenkaat/
04.06.2012 22:22 DJanneIf someone has some rims to sell, i would like to buy them! 5x112.
02.06.2012 19:10 DJanneAnd 3tie system at the front and some 2tie system at the back and massive dampening(?)
02.06.2012 19:09 DJanneits getting some rims(have to buy them..) and drop, no color change or anything. Color is cool and no rust anywhere :) "papan helmi"
01.06.2012 19:49 JaverhI'd recommend getting cool tyres with cool rims, but that would be biased.
01.06.2012 17:10 willekAnd of cource you have to change the rims, but I dont consider that modding :)
01.06.2012 17:09 willekWhite leds for interior lighting is a stylish mod. And if you have to do something for the outside, change the turning signal light modules to clear ones. Carrots look stupid on a blue car.
01.06.2012 14:29 Gammalfsome nice rims , a good sound system an done
31.05.2012 23:57 YarikoOh god.. Really? No! No! No! Do not listen to these crazy-poop-heads! Make it look Banksta!
31.05.2012 22:40 kuppazkiI would say that matte olive/army green would be badass!
31.05.2012 19:02 YarikoNO!
31.05.2012 18:58 JjonMatte black would be awesome :D
31.05.2012 10:17 YarikoPlease! No blue LEDs, nothing stupid, try to keep it original, just change the rims and maybe drop it down ~40mm ... If you are going to get new paint, shiny metallic black., thou' the original looks pretty good already. And NO rear-spoiler or bodykits!
31.05.2012 00:34 Gammalf190 ? I loooove the old baby Benz 190/ C 180
30.05.2012 22:49 BuilderiKYÖSTIIIIII! Just kidding. These are nice cars. There's only one problem with these. They are "warm cars" = If you park your car you can't keep motor running for long time. Sorry for bad english, but I hope you understand :D