Nick: DJanne  Info
Age: 26
Location: Nurmijärvi



Uploaded: 28.07.2010 16:21

DJanne - Prodige Slim RevolutionSomething cheap this time, 20€.

Prodige Slim Revolution
Something cheap this time, 20€.

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24.01.2019 15:51 Valtteri24Moro. Tahdon ostaa sun näppäimistön. Voin tulla hakemaan. Ehdota hintaa. Laita viestiä valtteriiretlav@windowslive.com
06.03.2011 23:14 DJannei dont have this around now, im guess dimensions are about same with Apple Keyboard.
06.03.2011 19:13 BuilderiYeah, but I'd like to know exact dimensions because I'm getting one too
06.03.2011 18:18 DJanneEnough small
05.03.2011 14:36 BuilderiDimensions?
29.07.2010 20:11 BenaHNow that looks nice. :)
29.07.2010 11:48 Cainewww.allthethingsIbought.com , just joking, seems to be a nice keyboard, but I rather use my G11.
28.07.2010 22:47 Jiikaxfrom where u got this ? edit: i googled it. vk.com :)=
28.07.2010 19:18 DJanneFeel good for this prize, buttons move like in Apple Keyboard.
28.07.2010 17:35 JapalaFeels any good? Do the buttons actually move or are they "rubbery"?