Nick: DJanne  Info
Age: 26
Location: Nurmijärvi



Uploaded: 30.06.2010 23:39

DJanne - Best value hdd? 1TB 7200. @ 55€

Best value hdd?
1TB 7200. @ 55€

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07.07.2011 20:39 DJanneyeap, then cheapest were like 75 euros, and that wasnt even cheapest
07.07.2011 17:27 EpTheModderwoops, yeah a year ago.. :blushed:
05.07.2011 08:54 mKo2Tb goes for around 70e, so i'd say it has much better value. (edit: didnt look the original posting time either :) )
04.07.2011 21:25 DJanneand look time when i posted this pic....
04.07.2011 18:55 EpTheModderjimms sells 1tb for 49.40
27.11.2010 20:06 dyyzverkkokauppa.com löytönurkka <3
01.07.2010 22:24 DJanneI will make some subwoofer project when I have time for it ;)
01.07.2010 22:18 drakmini hoped for a speaker project and clicked, just a boring hd :(
01.07.2010 19:15 rebelmonIt's not about whether you have had problems or not. Seagate is just not comparable with Samsungs and WDs drives. They are slower, keep noise, break a lot faster (AVARAGE!). Imo there's no point in buying Seagate, but if you can find this kind of bargains, even I would buy it.. Probably
01.07.2010 18:47 aMigai have 10 y old 40gb & 4y old 200gb, and they work fine, never had problems with Seagate :)
01.07.2010 13:14 jurbeI have seagates external hard drive without problems (1y old)
01.07.2010 00:37 rebelmonI hope it works fine, since loosing data due to broken hard drive is something...
01.07.2010 00:02 DJanneits not so bad these days, i know it has bad history.
30.06.2010 23:58 rebelmon>Seagate - no.