Nick: DJanne  Info
Age: 26
Location: Nurmijärvi



Uploaded: 02.02.2009 20:04

DJanne - Now I got RAM keychain too :)

Now I got RAM keychain too :)

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04.02.2009 18:45 alfonsThis is so nerd... i couldn't belive myself guts to pick that from my pocket _in public_... But still creative idea!
03.02.2009 17:42 jumatuseHmm. I have some old AMD +3800 prosessor. Could do same with it. ;) Btw. Why vote 1 if doesnt comment? >:(
03.02.2009 16:19 nixariheh a slot1 one processor will fit nicely in your pocket and you wont lose it :P
03.02.2009 16:09 KapperiOr make it with an old processor
03.02.2009 15:55 Hene987Make on with DDR3 memory :P
03.02.2009 14:55 DJanneYep, it's from IBM ThinkPad.
03.02.2009 14:03 wii4everthat's laptop memory?
03.02.2009 09:07 Voryongot one too, been in keychain forever lol
02.02.2009 21:13 Penttipatenttiheh :D nice . but old idea hmm i must do some winter project but don't have any idea what to do ;P
02.02.2009 20:26 EnForce1c00l, I felt like having one of my own but I couldn't find any old ram sticks, lol
02.02.2009 20:08 CaineLOL NICE!