Nick: DJanne  Info
Age: 26
Location: Nurmijärvi



Uploaded: 12.01.2009 17:49

DJanne - Backpanel (added light to picture)

Backpanel (added light to picture)

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03.02.2009 16:34 laurilrStacker 830 is so light... And it isn't so big after all. I've had bigger cases :)
16.01.2009 16:10 Akamecoz it is P190 :<
16.01.2009 16:08 Akameit isn't so big... my stacker 830 was bigger.. and i played with it in lan party 8> it was such a sport to carry the case :D
16.01.2009 16:05 YarikoAnd ladies and gentlemens, this case looks like you don't want to take it to the Lan party if you haven't been lifting much weights :P Damn that looks HUGE!
13.01.2009 06:48 pAbn:DD.. Anyway - looking good with black paint 8)
12.01.2009 19:57 DJanneNo no, it is P180!
12.01.2009 19:56 laurilrNo, that is photoshopped P182!
12.01.2009 19:55 DJanneHey, this is Antec P190, if you didn't know...
12.01.2009 19:17 jumatuseTwo PSU? :o