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Age: 37
Location: Tampere

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Uploaded: 01.08.2013 19:42
Categories: Furniture

drakmin - quick concrete lamp

quick concrete lamp

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08.06.2015 23:27 markusfenixlooks great, you have a tutorial or the list of materials that you used?
13.11.2014 14:46 ekoppimitä betonia oot käyttäny? kuivabetoni s100 ?
25.08.2013 18:59 drakminIt's around 0,75l of concrete and should weight 1,8kg. I made only one and took the photo in front of a mirror.
23.08.2013 20:54 alfons<1,5 litres of concrete? about 2-5 kg i say
22.08.2013 09:24 LcdloHow heavy those are? 1kg? Looks cool.
04.08.2013 22:30 drakminWires go to normal "E27" lamp holder / socket. Bulb is some 5W E27 led bulb.
04.08.2013 21:32 YarikoPretty cool!
04.08.2013 17:23 crayonboxDoood! NICE! ME LIKEY! got more photos of how you did em? Is there a site of how to make LED lights plus wiring like what you did... or even using halogen?
04.08.2013 16:20 JapalaLooks like a halogen to me...?
04.08.2013 13:54 alfonswhat's the hardware inside? LEDs?
04.08.2013 13:53 alfonsthat'ss awful juice! How did you manage to get it empty?
03.08.2013 12:46 drakminhehe this is more like a nice lamp to hit your toe to :D
01.08.2013 20:39 Regunice hanging lamps to hit head
01.08.2013 19:49 JapalaNice! :)