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Age: 37
Location: Tampere

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Uploaded: 10.12.2010 12:38
Categories: Room and Desk Shots | Furniture

drakmin - Living room.

Living room.

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19.02.2011 19:45 drakminyes, i'll try to route the cables through the cage when i get longer cables
19.02.2011 19:22 Hene987Best path for that snake would be to go inside the metal tubes.
12.12.2010 15:16 willekmore like 3:1
12.12.2010 13:00 Jiikaxlook likes that tv has some 23:9 aspect ratio :D
10.12.2010 20:23 drakminHdmi might get too long if it's put through the metal frame. I think it will look cool when I get bigger tube to run the cables in. Atleast the idea of it looks cool in my imagination ;D
10.12.2010 19:08 DeophronCan't you hide the cables inside the metal frame? Otherwise quite cool. :)
10.12.2010 15:32 TekaritOr put a black snake to the side of the metal frame?
10.12.2010 13:29 BuilderiWhy don't you just put the wires under the carpet?
10.12.2010 13:13 drakminsnake will propably be replaced with a bigger snake which can eat a lot more cables, i think i'd prefer black snake
10.12.2010 13:04 HochramPut you remote in the junk, snake will rule yor tv :P good work as always :) ( when the snake will disappear :)
10.12.2010 12:51 drakminit's a whitesnake containin ac/dc lol! ;D
10.12.2010 12:42 HochramYou've got a pet! a white snake :P