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Uploaded: 28.05.2010 21:01
Categories: Home entertainment | Room and Desk Shots | Furniture

drakmin - I made a tv stand using ikea boxex. Between boxes and tv 21mm plywood. Stand is 140cm wide and 36cm high

I made a tv stand using ikea boxex. Between boxes and tv 21mm plywood. Stand is 140cm wide and 36cm high

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23.06.2010 15:53 hisinfernalmajestyI dont want to critisize but I have to agree that this does not look nearly as sophisticated/cool/slick than all the other stuff in that room. Just to throw out an idea, why not make speaker stands with the same design as the planned tv stand, like simply 2 wooden squares in the same style as the base of the tv stand, and the 2 wooden surfaces separated by the same metal rod used in the tv stand. What I am trying to describe is a kindof small table in the shape of "I" ontop ofwhich you could put the speakers. No idea if anyone else would agree with this but its just an idea.
30.05.2010 09:26 drakminKDL-52V5500
29.05.2010 21:46 Pez13What is model of that tv?
29.05.2010 15:43 JohnEdwardImho it looks great, its just that after what drakmin has done, it looks half assed and too simple :P
29.05.2010 13:55 drakminhehe at the moment they are all empty. i think i'll move my limited tool collection to those boxes
29.05.2010 13:40 willekI bet most of them are empty
29.05.2010 12:46 nanoLooks great. Seems like you won't be running out of storage space soon :)
29.05.2010 12:04 JipaLooks great with all the other plywood things around. Maybe that's what people are missing here?
29.05.2010 10:57 BenaHI also thought that you would build some special stand, not using IKEA furniture.. :( But still it does look good.
29.05.2010 00:05 drakmini might build different stand after i get new speakers to replace genelecs here
28.05.2010 23:56 drakminreason i didn't build the original stand as planned was speakers. http://www.students.tut.fi/~hakala52/tv_jalusta.jpg pretty much no speaker stand would pair with that in my opinion. :D might be also that my photography failed as with my eyes it looks good here :D
28.05.2010 23:46 pertti85those boxes dont fit in your decoration, maybe they look little bit too cheap or something, dunno. I waited something more from you Drakmin:D
28.05.2010 23:33 JohnEdwardAfter what you did with the bed/computer and the clothes rack, this definitely seems a little... too plain for you. Though it does looks very functional, you always need moar space to stuff things into.
28.05.2010 22:07 YarikoI just can drool for that TV
28.05.2010 21:29 remuxilionSo damn nice