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Uploaded: 20.05.2010 21:22
Categories: Mobile phones, PDAs and MP3 players

drakmin - Maybe this time with a bit more low tech battery type :D(2x 7,2V 4500mAh Ni-MH)

Maybe this time with a bit more low tech battery type :D
(2x 7,2V 4500mAh Ni-MH)

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29.07.2011 17:35 ReguTry turnigy hardcase lipos from hobbyking my 5000mah picks up and gives more than 5000mah and costs about 25$
29.07.2011 13:13 drakminYes, because they actually are really close to 4500mAh unlike eBay's half the price batteries which also have half the stated capacity. (if they even are fully functional ;D) I agree these were expensive but my china-order battery was dead and I needed any battery I could get so I walked into Atala-rc and paid extra.
28.07.2011 15:03 Regu51.5€ for 4500mah nimh??
28.07.2011 14:30 theme07kaunako soi näillä akuilla
26.05.2010 07:28 drakminnot yet :D
25.05.2010 23:15 emilsonOkay, do you know any place to buy from?
25.05.2010 23:06 drakminthinking of red led segment displays. one for each battery
25.05.2010 23:05 emilsonVery nice ghettoblaster! What kind of battery meter are you gonna put there?
20.05.2010 23:53 Laiskiainenthat would be very handy indeed!
20.05.2010 23:46 drakminah i have 2 hatches behind small 3" fake grilles. there i have fuse for example. i could run the battery cables there and just disconnet wire for charging
20.05.2010 23:43 rebelmonHow's the charging? How would you do that if there's no airtight comp. for the battery?
20.05.2010 23:31 drakminmore sucks the time lost :D im considering removing the battery compartment from the blaster so it would lose some weight. nimhs can be safely placed to the speaker compartment
20.05.2010 23:27 rebelmonwhoa, 100 extra for the empty battery.... That really sucks..
20.05.2010 23:22 drakmindoubling amplifier power would add 3db and we are talking about differences around 5W amplifier power...
20.05.2010 23:22 drakmini tested with 15V transformer before buying. no hearable difference in spl to 18V voltage
20.05.2010 22:27 LaiskiainenSo it's a 14,4V battery now, did you notice any difference with the spl? :D