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Age: 37
Location: Tampere

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Uploaded: 16.04.2010 18:20
Categories: Other Computer Components | Home entertainment | Mobile phones, PDAs and MP3 players

drakmin - :D


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18.04.2010 23:36 rebelmonYES! Can't wait to see the results!
18.04.2010 23:32 drakminI ordered the acryl parts.
17.04.2010 10:46 drakminWhen I'll make the tv stand I need to do speaker stands aswell. Also I think I'll trade those Behringers away and build movie speakers. (Genelecs remain at my computer desk)
17.04.2010 03:57 JohnEdwardJust you wait, he will get some other build idea and the TV stand gets build around 2012. It's hard to build stuff you really need. Takes the fun out of it.
16.04.2010 22:32 verru:D list of what to do: 1. Make blaster ready for summer (GF not happy) 2. Make TV stand (GF is happy :D)
16.04.2010 20:46 drakminAfter the blaster is finished :D
16.04.2010 18:50 Ozzkuustill no tv stand?