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Uploaded: 11.03.2010 20:48
Categories: Mobile phones, PDAs and MP3 players

drakmin - End of day 3.

End of day 3.

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03.02.2011 21:15 drakminthey are the same black metal grilles as before, they could be polished but i prefer black
01.02.2011 16:49 NereosHey, did you add metal rings into the 8 speaker holes ?
12.03.2010 22:50 drakminwell, it's 65cm wide but will be under 10kg in weight. not too big for me atleast.
12.03.2010 20:34 Blazaxits looking awsome! but isnt it going to be little bit too big ? btw, your doing so fast that I just would bought the materials for this if I would do this :D
12.03.2010 17:10 drakminYes the center hole is reserved for horn tweeter, see 3d renders. I tried the woofers and tweeter with about 40w amp, lot's of sound. More photos in the evening.
12.03.2010 17:04 Pez13Nice!
12.03.2010 16:58 kuppazki:-------------------D
12.03.2010 16:51 JipaReplacing the tweeter with an Apple product would make this like so awesome.. Wat?
12.03.2010 16:17 drakminI put all i products in trash. :D Droid will be the audio source.
12.03.2010 14:22 DJanneThat would be pretty cool :D
12.03.2010 13:52 vikiPut an iPad in the center lol