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Uploaded: 07.03.2010 23:06
Categories: Mobile phones, PDAs and MP3 players

drakmin - Testing the crossover, worked okay! :D

Testing the crossover, worked okay! :D

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26.01.2013 12:42 drakminAh and one last reason to have two bg20's it to get 4ohm load instead of 8ohm. So +3db efficiency boost + double the power from amp.
26.01.2013 12:37 drakminhttp://www.visaton.com/en/bauvorschlaege/musiker/mb208_h/index.html this is the kit used
26.01.2013 12:34 drakminYes, and this separate tweeter add's a bit larger listening area. Highs of the bg20 alone are really directional.
22.01.2013 17:09 JipaIt's a DIY-kit, not his own design. There's probably a tweeter because the BG20's alone sound rather ugly.
22.01.2013 14:55 alfonsBG20 are full range speakers. Why did you add tweeter?
09.06.2011 18:52 JjonI want that.. :( Please make me one :)))?
09.06.2011 00:10 drakmin(in general)
08.06.2011 23:11 drakminevery amplifier has a volume adjust in the sound source
08.06.2011 15:59 JjonDoes that amplifier have volume adjust? Because I want it to my boombox if im making one :D
05.06.2011 19:26 willekNot too terrible, if you can find an integrated car player which has a digital amplifier. But If you are going to buy stuff anyway, buy the proper ones, sure electronics amplifier (ebay) and of course visaton drivers. :D
05.06.2011 18:21 JipaIt would be easy, but also very, very stupid. Just extra weight, extra power consumption and all-round terrible choice.
05.06.2011 15:47 JjonDo you have any idea how hard this would be build with car amplifier and car cd player?
08.03.2010 17:27 drakminYes, it even has MSI sticker on the fan (which I will remove, the fan I mean)
08.03.2010 17:16 BenaHThat amp looks too much like a ITX board to me. :D
08.03.2010 11:55 drakminAt the moment they sound thin without enclosure :]
08.03.2010 01:54 rebelmonSo how do they sound?
07.03.2010 23:15 drakminHaha yes it does :D
07.03.2010 23:12 newTonidoes that red text on the left say ''rumia työkaluja'' :D