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Age: 36
Location: Tampere

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Uploaded: 24.02.2010 21:04
Categories: Peripherals | Home appliances | Home entertainment

drakmin - K.I.T.T


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28.02.2010 15:22 Warrothat is nice light!
25.02.2010 21:31 drakminJust got e-mail, drivers have been sent. I can start building next week o/
25.02.2010 20:19 verruPez, if you will do that, please give us pictures :)
25.02.2010 19:59 Pez13Ok, thank you! I will remember comment in english on next time.
25.02.2010 18:20 verruPez13: http://koti.mbnet.fi/~huhtama/ele/index.php?si=kyt04.sis&pa=
25.02.2010 18:02 drakminWhat did I use for it? I used mainly money since I suck at electronics. (ordered it from ebay)
25.02.2010 15:51 drakminYes I'll add on/off switch for the scanner for sure.
25.02.2010 15:35 BenaHHmm... Add a on/off switch inside the thingy, if it isn't that essential if they aren't bright enough..
24.02.2010 21:21 drakminDon't know, but they are superbright leds.
24.02.2010 21:12 JipaIs it bright enough to be visible on summer?