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Age: 36
Location: Tampere

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Uploaded: 15.08.2009 05:21
Categories: Full case | Single case mods | Events

drakmin - Familiar cases?

Familiar cases?

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18.08.2009 21:02 drakminphotoshop tilt/shift... tried to remove the irritating beer cans :D
18.08.2009 19:52 s0lidPeruskännilanit :P! Beer + lans = Win :p
18.08.2009 13:58 rippecarlsberg \o/
17.08.2009 22:09 zaketusDK: magic of the tilt shift (effect in this case.. I ques). Or maybe this really is great miniatyre thingy o.o
17.08.2009 21:59 DeanKregerFor some reason, I thought these were miniatures! haha
16.08.2009 18:19 kuppazkinice tilt shift effect :)
15.08.2009 13:14 Maxxtaholy crap, man.. I love those cases :D
15.08.2009 12:35 BenaHWhat the... Embryo Zero and Division in the same picture? I just love both of the cases, because they are so unique. I'd kill for Zero, but I don't want to jail, so I won't kill and keep drooling for it.
15.08.2009 10:23 Massefamiliar headphones :)
15.08.2009 09:22 JipaMmmmm beer....
15.08.2009 05:21 HaoKiDamn my case looks huge :D