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Uploaded: 24.12.2008 20:49
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BCM - Found these under the tree.Next project is going to be a liquor cabinet.

Found these under the tree.
Next project is going to be a liquor cabinet.

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22.01.2009 08:06 Japalahttp://allthemods.com/userinfo.php?userid=1&album=261 try these. All but that Intel logo are made with the Engraver.
22.01.2009 02:59 BCMOk. I need to add thinner lines for my next projects. You have convinced me that it's useful so I don't throw it to trashcan :)
22.01.2009 01:07 JipaIt's the right tool when you want to make very, very thin line and small details. Rotary tools tend to rotate too much for such... Or then you just have the steadiest hands I've ever heard of :)
21.01.2009 23:49 BCMMaybe I haven't found its usefulness yet. I get much more better results with the 300 and shaft.
21.01.2009 23:42 JapalaYep, two different tools for totally different uses. Engraver only engraves thin lines and multitool, well, does multiple things. Sure, it can engrave like Haoki said but you can't do hairlines with it that are so easy to do with the engraver.
21.01.2009 22:19 HaoKiThey are kind of hard to compare to each other. The engraver is better suited to some things, and the "normal" dremel to lots of other things. Drawing narrow and clear lines on acrylic is much easier with the engraver as it does pull the tip around as much as the dremel. In addition you have to control the depth of the tip with the rotating tips. :)
21.01.2009 22:04 BCMThat Engraver is quite useless because I got almost all accessories with the 300. 300 with the flexible shaft is much more comfortable to use than the Engraver, and it is noisy as hell in my opinion.
21.01.2009 19:42 JapalaMissed this photo. Great, now we can wait for more projects/photos to the ATM :)
25.12.2008 11:36 vikiGot that upper one :) Its very good