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Uploaded: 03.01.2008 23:33
Categories: Room and Desk Shots | Furniture

BCM - 21 blue LEDs behind my bed...

21 blue LEDs behind my bed...

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01.07.2008 15:47 JiikaxIt works. Thanks! :)
01.07.2008 15:31 JiikaxThanks. I could go test that right now -->
01.07.2008 15:28 BCMIn my case I just shorted pin 14 (PS_ON) with one of the grounds and added a remote controllable wall socket
01.07.2008 15:07 JiikaxDoes (old) power supplies give power if their not connected to computer? I'm kinda a n00b so I don't know it. And how the remote works? On/off switch?
30.06.2008 22:08 BCMI have a hidden power supply from an old pc and it's remote cotrolled.. There are 10 cold cathodes and 30 leds in my room so I need more power than an ordinary power supply can provide.
30.06.2008 13:41 petexCool! Would it be even cooler if there was some slow fade effect "DIY Northern lights"
30.06.2008 13:06 JiikaxFrom where you get power to those?
09.06.2008 11:22 JiikaxNice
04.01.2008 13:57 kazooI wonder why bluebright has some leds under his bed :) (nick tells very much) ;)
04.01.2008 02:20 bluebrightThis is great, I've got lights under my bed too, its great with music.
03.01.2008 23:46 NiBaso bright!