Nick: Nomenes  Info
Age: 33
Location: Pori



Uploaded: 23.08.2008 02:02
Categories: Single case mods

Nomenes - booty fairy.. (window desing)

booty fairy.. (window desing)

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23.08.2008 18:30 Hene987nixari and DJanne won the lottery o/ Right numbers was 1
23.08.2008 18:06 Nomenesits sonata 1
23.08.2008 17:59 laurilrSonata II :P
23.08.2008 17:59 pAbnI hope Nomenes will soon explain the magical mystery of sonata case.
23.08.2008 17:52 DJanneBut it is Sonata I.
23.08.2008 17:23 pAbnI guess it is sonata 2.
23.08.2008 16:16 tOukoooanother picture
23.08.2008 15:53 Hene987Atleast it can't be 3. ;) Where you can see "antec" text?
23.08.2008 15:12 nixarii think it's sonata 1 cuz there is the "antec" text on the side :)
23.08.2008 12:55 kezmahI Think it must be sonata 2.
23.08.2008 12:52 Hene987Is that Sonata 2 or 3?
23.08.2008 11:50 Nomeneshaha.. yep, i made a huge booty ;)
23.08.2008 10:59 JipaAppears to be a case that has a handle out of the box, he has just marked the outer dimensions so there won't be any issues with it along the road. Nice window design!
23.08.2008 10:47 zaketus:O boobs. Is that actually "D" or are you making handle or something (ok it's not called handle, but that thing that makes it easier to take the sideplate off)
23.08.2008 09:06 JapalaPerhaps the as* is bit big but other than that it looks great. ;)