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Age: 25



Uploaded: 14.05.2008 20:40
Categories: Handicrafts | Furniture

Tekarit - CD/DVD cabinet with led lights.

CD/DVD cabinet with led lights.

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11.04.2009 17:26 TekaritYeah, still in use. I'm too lazy to take the PCB away so I could disable both condersator. It's just in our living room, filled with XBOX360 games and Without lights, them are ugly and useless.
11.04.2009 13:49 BenaHBTW. I disabled both of the condensators.
11.04.2009 13:47 BenaHIs this still in use? / Onks tää vieläki käytös? :D
16.09.2008 19:55 TekaritLOL. Mistake. I mean that I have vernished the cabinet, not my self
16.09.2008 18:52 verruYOU have been vernished??? Luckily i haven't seen you!!!
13.08.2008 14:59 TekaritWhat do you mean??
13.08.2008 14:13 qwertynowhere :D
15.05.2008 14:58 TekaritI have been vernished(lakattu?). I don't never use those leds, because there is automatic turn off on circuit board and it takes 10 hours to turn off the leds
14.05.2008 21:09 worderrornice :) but hide those leds better ;)
14.05.2008 21:07 rippejust like me everywhere leds ^^ awesome. This looks very nice, but are you gonna paint it or petsata?