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Uploaded: 30.04.2008 16:15
Categories: Home entertainment | Mobile phones, PDAs and MP3 players | Electronics

Tekarit - Mono-amplifier with two speakers. Missing only case.

Mono-amplifier with two speakers. Missing only case.

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05.09.2012 14:32 djsepii made something like that and i think it cost about 10-15e. That audio chip cost about 5e and potentiometer is couple euros, rest of the parts are like 10cents each.check http://www.kolumbus.fi/mikko.esala/TDA7056AB_Vahv.pdf
02.09.2012 21:51 VillpPaljonkohan noi osat suunnillen makso toho vahvariin ?
31.05.2008 10:48 TekaritI have nowadays bigger speaker than in this picture. Look my miniGhettoBlaster picture.
30.05.2008 23:01 GSXLol.. I need some sort of entertainment when we're wake boarding. I also wanted to use some sort of bigger speaker, as small marine speakers are a pain to find. So you guys really think 5W would be enough? I guess I can run like 4 of these amp, one per speaker.
30.05.2008 20:28 TekaritYes you are really nuts. I think That this amplifier is enough for you. This one gives guite alot noise with 2w speaker.
30.05.2008 12:43 JipaGhettoblaster on a jet ski? You, sir, are weird.
30.05.2008 11:44 GSXI like that guide, but it calls for 25V. My jet ski will put out 14v if the charging system is up to the job.. I guess it still would work, but it might cut the power output considerably.
30.05.2008 11:31 JipaAnd there's a 20 Watt design for you: http://sound.westhost.com/project72.htm
30.05.2008 11:29 JipaLM3886 and OPA549 are very easy to use OP-amps as well. Might want to take a look at those... They give a ton of power, but if you can get them for cheap then why not?
30.05.2008 11:24 GSXis there any chips with more that 5w output? I think I might need a little bit more.
30.05.2008 07:56 TekaritTry to search from Google: TDA7056B
29.05.2008 21:14 GSXI don't read Finnish, but at least I can look at the diagrams. I should be able to figure it out, but does anyone have one in english by any chance?
29.05.2008 14:09 Tekarithttp://www.kolumbus.fi/mikko.esala/TDA7056AB_Vahv.pdf There is somekind of instrucion and it looks alot like my amplifier instruction...
29.05.2008 06:09 GSXHmm, I need to build one of these. I want to stick a small ipod system in my jet ski. Anyone got some sort of guide, or maybe a parts list?
01.05.2008 15:06 TekaritNow I have to only build case for electronics and speakers
01.05.2008 11:25 s0lidHehe i made at school 20W stereo amplifier to 40mm wide and 70mm long piece of "näkkäri" :D needed much of jump wires and it works O.O Will take pic next week :)
01.05.2008 10:27 zaketusTDA7056B is what I was looking for. That is 5W mono amplifier
01.05.2008 08:55 TekaritThere reads TDA7056B. Speakers are both 0,2 watts. There reads something more so tell me if want to know what :D
30.04.2008 22:23 s0lidwatts :)?
30.04.2008 22:07 zaketusWhat does it say in that black wide component....
30.04.2008 21:11 TekaritI don't know. I only just get that circuitboard and components from school.
30.04.2008 20:32 zaketusWhat amp.chip did you use?