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Uploaded: 26.11.2012 23:51
Categories: Tools | Electronics

NiBa - Some tuning of cheap Biltema flashlight...- 50 W 24 V 4000 lumen LED from Dealextreme- tiny cooling fan- 2x 12V 1,2 Ah lead acid

Some tuning of cheap Biltema flashlight...
- 50 W 24 V 4000 lumen LED from Dealextreme
- tiny cooling fan
- 2x 12V 1,2 Ah lead acid batteries
- Switch for parallel/series (series in use and parallel for 12 V charger)
- DC-connector for charger
- 555-timer circuit for epileptic strobe effects :D (Adjustable flash speed with potentiometer, pulsewidth trimmer onboard)

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08.02.2013 00:08 NiBaFirst I was like: This Peugeot 306 is brilliant, but then I was like shit this will decay too fast. Maybe I should upload some of it here?
08.02.2013 00:05 NiBaI have some car repairing to do so other projects has been a bit frozen.. This flashlight has been a great tool on the repairing.
07.02.2013 12:35 NiBaalfons: Nope, there is just strobe circuit. There is a fan on the another end of the lamp behind those batteries. I didn't have time to take those in-use photos yet, but soon I will! :D
20.01.2013 15:48 alfonsIs there constant current driver for that led? Is there really a fan, I cant see one.. because that cooler propably needs one. And where are the in-use photos?!
21.12.2012 23:55 NiBaYep! I'm going to shoot some in-use photos some day. :>
28.11.2012 10:33 Ozzkuu:D Nice one, want to see some in-use photos too!
27.11.2012 20:56 JipaThe battery is pretty damn ghetto :D Other than that, why not - using a factory made housing sure makes sense..
27.11.2012 17:25 InsaneFinnPeople demand action shots... well at least i do ;)
27.11.2012 15:59 JapalaLols, truly a light cannon :)