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Age: 27
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Uploaded: 18.09.2009 20:13
Categories: Full case

NiBa - Cover opened.

Cover opened.

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20.09.2009 00:57 BenaHOr I don't know do I need more than one slot for the 7600GS Sonic.
20.09.2009 00:49 BenaHI just need a case, which has places for the stuff, which isn't so hard, but then the airflow and the holes for addon-card slots. But I don't need all of them, 2 slots the GPU at the top and 2-3 PCI-slots at the bottom.
20.09.2009 00:43 JipaIt's easy to make some sort of case, but if you want to make a really good wooden case then it will get tricky.
19.09.2009 23:28 BenaHAnd when I say that, I have only LED's and power switch, the only case which I have has 3 slots and the motherboard needs at least seven slots of vertical space.
19.09.2009 23:27 BenaHIs it hard to make a wooden case out of scrap? I mean, I have full set of stuff on my desk, but no case. :/
19.09.2009 09:17 BenaHWhat? Really? Pics please. :)
18.09.2009 21:21 NiBaactually there is blue neons on the bottom :D The inverter is on the side of psu....
18.09.2009 21:08 BenaHI like it. It looks like a wooden box, but in real life it's a computer. Now some neon underneath and a hydraulic piston to open and close the lid. (<-- That last sentence was total sarcasm. :D)
18.09.2009 20:37 jurbeNice idea ;o