Nick: NiBa  Info
Age: 27
Location: Tampere

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Uploaded: 09.09.2008 22:08
Categories: Single case mods

NiBa - Shiny...?


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24.09.2008 10:59 NiBaJapala: I got same broblems with my frontpanel... i blight it with that maston chrome paint now the panel it is full of fingerprints.. :(.
10.09.2008 17:04 YarikoWell what chrome paints you gues recomend?
10.09.2008 16:45 JapalaWhen I used the "cheap" chrome paint, it never dried properly...
10.09.2008 16:37 YarikoNoo! Too much chrome paint! Damn it's so beatifull! I have to paint something with chrome :D
10.09.2008 15:41 DJanneI love blue... sry about that :D
10.09.2008 15:26 OzzkuuYeah, why always blue? I prefer more green :D
10.09.2008 07:29 NiBaI got red cathodes :P
09.09.2008 23:54 HaoKiwhy always blue...:)
09.09.2008 23:34 DJanneRemember to add some blue cathodes... ;)
09.09.2008 22:20 BroidiXlooks a little too shiny in my eyes but it's not my case =)