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Age: 27
Location: Tampere

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Uploaded: 21.07.2008 14:26
Categories: Full case | Single case mods

NiBa - Teh SmOkE Pc!
Intel & Fog machine inside.
--> Check project

Teh SmOkE Pc!
Intel & Fog machine inside.
--> Check project

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02.12.2008 21:46 addminnmmmmmmmmmm fog juice covered hardware.
05.11.2008 00:48 ProbablyWell, thanks for the idea. Maybe ... in the future ;)
22.07.2008 11:42 EeroROFL, you're a genius. :D
21.07.2008 19:45 InsaneFinnIf i didn't know what is going on in the picture i would say: Ja savun hälvettyä tarkistamme kytkennän :) Sorry i don't know how to say that in engilsh, so it wouldn't lose the edge. But very nice work indeed, looking forward to witness that at Assembly.
21.07.2008 18:48 JiikaxWhere you got that fog/some machine? Url? Nice idea anyway, and like many have said, get some light there ;)
21.07.2008 18:18 jurbeThis is nice! Wow :D
21.07.2008 16:41 qwertywhere you got money to all this modding
21.07.2008 16:40 qwertyjätkä ihan pilves ton jälkee :D
21.07.2008 16:39 nanoHoly smoke. This is pretty insane :)
21.07.2008 16:38 vikiLol dass cool :D
21.07.2008 16:24 hjalmarit woul'd be cool if there were some kind of light for the smoke... like green for example ur somthing else
21.07.2008 15:15 HaoKiWell if you asked for special permission then it's fine...:) Just had to tell you that you won't have any nasty surprises when you get there..:P
21.07.2008 15:13 NiBawe got secial permission... :D
21.07.2008 15:12 HaoKiWell sorry to tell you... :/ But it's clearly stated in the ASM rules that smoke machines are not allowed at the party place... http://www.assembly.org/summer08/at-party/rules/rules
21.07.2008 15:11 YarikoThey can't get any pics cos' of the smoke ;D
21.07.2008 15:09 NiBaHaoki: hehh i dunno if we use it just when mikrobitti takes pics for coolest case compo...
21.07.2008 15:05 HaoKiWonder how long it's gonna take before they confiscate the whole case...;)
21.07.2008 14:59 nixarifirst i was like wtf, but then i lol'd
21.07.2008 14:56 NiBayes..
21.07.2008 14:55 Penttipatenttiholy cow ! :'D going use on asm summer 08 ?
21.07.2008 14:45 NiBaJariko: i dont know how to hide it.. it is so ugly now...
21.07.2008 14:40 WehmisBecause the amount of smoke it farts is kind of disturbing
21.07.2008 14:40 YarikoCrazy idea anyway, som of the smoke will stay inside the case and will keep the internals pretty moist I think : But good and NEW idea :D (At least I haven't seen nothing like this before). How are you going to hide the fog-machine?
21.07.2008 14:39 WehmisThis is just my personal opinion, but wouldn't it look a 100 times cooler, if the computer itself would be filled with smoke, and you could barely see the motherboard through the window
21.07.2008 14:31 NiBaI put those fans blow wrong way on purpose cause i want to smoke comes out on the front.
21.07.2008 14:30 YarikoEmm.. Isn't that bit hazard :D I mean that smoke is very moist?