Nick: NiBa  Info
Age: 27
Location: Tampere

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Uploaded: 22.03.2008 19:30

NiBa - ASMW'08


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17.07.2008 15:28 TaiZuuniHeheh I know that guy in the front.
15.04.2008 15:42 Penttipatenttimoonlight Lol my friend put some tape to you cathodes on assembly when they was outside... :D <--- sori en tajunnu kun mul ei toi englanti oo mikää paras mahollinen :D
13.04.2008 17:55 Penttipatenttithats my fat scree and my frieds screen and hes cimputer on left side of picture
22.03.2008 23:17 nanoi'm here also :) I noticed that my brother's in that picture :D
22.03.2008 20:48 JipaNext image without flash and with tripod, please.
22.03.2008 20:22 Nomenesam here too..:P
22.03.2008 19:37 NormimodiHow is it going there? The guy in the front has a ownage face. 1 camera starer spotted @ left. Razer headset @ right Hooray!