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Title: Random photos
Created: 29.09.2007 17:26
I'm going to hook up raspberry to my car. Just got my mobile broadband and xbox ir-remote working on raspbmc. I'm interested about adding some more interfaces. Maybe OBD2?
I'm going to hook up...
Some tuning of cheap Biltema flashlight...
- 50 W 24 V 4000 lumen LED from Dealextreme
- tiny cooling fan
- 2x 12V 1,2 Ah lead acid batteries
- Switch for parallel/series (series in use and parallel for 12 V charger)
- DC-connector for charger
- 555-timer circuit for epileptic strobe effects :D (Adjustable flash speed with potentiometer, pulsewidth trimmer onboard)
Some tuning of cheap...
Some metal work with cases.
I took photo with new EOS 600D.
Some metal work with...
I painted my pomi case (P4 &1Gb DDR inside).
I painted my pomi ca...
Some CPUs.. 
1. Intel Pentium 100MhZ
2. Intel Pentium MMX 200MhZ
3. Intel Celeron SL68P 1.20GhZ
3. Intel Pentium 3 733Mhz [OC 825Mhz]
5. Intel Celeron D  2.60GhZ
6. AMD Athlon 4000+ X2 2.1GhZ [OC 2.7GhZ]
Some CPUs.. ...
Unfinished case project.

Ubuntu Home Server

OS: Ubuntu Server
Gpu: Ati Radeon 7000/VE
CPU: Intel Celeron 1200Mhz
HDD: WD800JB (80GB)
Psu: Hec 250W
(This case before i saw sandpaper http://allthemods.com/userinfo.php?userid=2973&id=4092)
Unfinished case proj...
Xbox Crystal 1.6 with some leds and muppet-x modchip.
Xbox Crystal 1.6 wit...