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Title: Gaming Shed
Created: 23.04.2008 11:39
Latest gear built on a medium budget.
Night shot. My rooms pretty cool now.
Night shot. My rooms...
I bought a new desk just for this computer. I built the desk myself which was fun.

Also, new monitor. 22" Samsung WS S2253BW. I pretty sure its a C panel, but for $298aud, I'm not complaining. It looks fantastic.

Speakers under the desk and a Logitech sub, all hooked up to a pre-amp I salvaged together myself. The best sounding stereos are always the ones you build yourself...yeah...
I bought a new desk ...
I had to take out the 20cm fan because the Zalman heatsink was pretty big. Still looks okay.

Also, Wii, DS and Sennheiser  headset. 

That lone speaker is actually just housing for a pre-amp. The speakers and sub is under the desk.
I had to take out th...
Building was the easy part of course. OS's are another kettle of fish.
Building was the eas...
AMD Quad Phenom 2.2 9500+
Gigabyte MA790X-DS4
ECS Nvidia  7600 (got this second hand months ago)
Kingmax 2GB DDR2 800 RAM
Zalman CNPS9700 Blueled
Western Digital 500gb SATA
18x LG DVD drive
Logitech LX210 Laser Desktop

I know the picture has an Asus wireless card, but I changed it to a belkin because of compatibility problems.

All up, this kit cost me $699aud.

Also, anyone have any success with overclocking Phenoms?
AMD Quad Phenom 2.2 ...
Got this case at the computer market for $70aud. Pretty nice case, still thinking about how to mod it. Maybe ATM members have some ideas.
Got this case at the...